Client cases

NorthLED has delivered advanced lighting to a large number of Danish stadiums and sports facilities.

Please find a few selected references below:

Himmelev Stadium, Roskilde

​Light pollution pilot: Roskilde Denmark, 
Production date March 01, 2017

Lillevang Stadium, Roskilde

​Low Energy & Low Pollution Solution: Roskilde Denmark,
Production date Sep 6, 2018 ​

Birkerød Idræts Center, Rudersdal

Low Energy & Low Pollution Solution: Rudersdal Denmark,
Production date Dec 30, 2018

Lynge Idrætsanlæg, Allerød Kommune

Low Energy & Low Pollution Solution: Allerød Denmark,
Production date Sep 01, 2018 ​

Jyllinge Tennis, Jyllinge

Early Low Energy Solution: Jyllinge Denmark,
Traditional Timed Operation,
Key Opening,
Production date July 15, 2016

Vedbæk Stadion, Vedbæk

NorthLED DRILL Solution
Rudersdal Denmark
August 2020

Rudegaard Stadion, Holte

NorthLED DRILL Solution
Rudersdal Denmark
October 2020

Holtehallerne, Holte

NorthLED 1000Lx indoor dim lighting
Rudersdal Denmark
August 2020

Hesselager Stadion, Svendborg

NorthLED DRILL Solution
Svendborg Denmark
September 2020

B1903 Stadion, Gentofte

NorthLED GAME Solution
December 2020


NorthLED Drill Special Riding Course Solution
December 2020