Only light where it's supposed to be

The Concept

The Ligalight Concept origins from the Scientific World combined with strong and long-lasting ties into Environmental Protection and the Sports World.  

The concept consists of world class sustainable area lights invented, developed and tested in Denmark. NorthLED Ligalights are built upon non-polluting LED-technology, delivering light to sports arenas, fields and creative project ONLY where the light is supposed to be. The purpose is to deliver hyper-redundant solutions that remove disturbing light pollution to neighbors and surroundings.

Comparing to competing producers, NorthLED Ligalights consumes about 60% of the energy and is operating at the lowest energy consumption in the market. The solution provides a strong value proposition when compared to competing producers who must use additional fixtures and more power (that must be shielded off) to obtain just a remotely similar effect.  

The Ligalight Concept - Traditional lightThe Ligalight Concept - LED Ligalight


The Ligalights combine state of the art technologies in a high-performance LED fixture. Our patented solution provides a unique optical modulation combined with optical black containment components. In this way, the combination achieves ultra-high performance in a highly flexible and low-pollution LED solution.

NorthLED solutions are truly hyper-redundant, and can be managed by a modern and open IOT interface that provides proactive and remote maintenance. The unique Ligalight illumination concept ensures that the light keeps performing in the event of partial system failures. For instance, if a LED driver or LED array accidentally breaks down, there will still be full light coverage of the area.  This means, the effect will only be slightly reduced, and there will not be any black spots.


Built by top components in a modular and flexible design, makes NorthLED the leading edge. NorthLED provides solutions at the absolute forefront and next generation of commercial LED technology.

Our solutions have about 20 times longer lifetime than traditional area lighting solutions. Furthermore, they are designed in a way that makes them easy to install and operate.

Should we design a solution for you?

Ligalight is delivered in exactly the size you need. Design and layout are adapted to your fields and depends on your needs.